Hindi has released! Who else is in to learn it deeply with me?

Hi LingQ forum, I have been excited for Hindi to launch for months, and the day has finally arrived, I’ve already learned (very loosely) Devanagari (the writing system) from Duolingo, so I’m excited to get straight into these stories.

I’ve also just now used ChatGPT to write really simple stories (still in Devanagari script) that I can then import into LingQ.

I’m sure I’m one of the earliest adopters of the Hindi language program, but I’m very interested to hear from anybody else who is as quick off the start as I am. :slight_smile:



I’m very happy it has finally been two. I have been waiting years. :smiley:


Two years ago I studied Hindi grammar but couldn`t go further. I wished LingQ had Hindi. So now is the time to restart my Hindi study. I hope when I complete mini-stories, more content will be added to LingQ.


I’m new to LingQ, though have used LWT and Lute a little, and through them got a feel for the main concept behind it. I’ve been waiting for LingQ to support Hindi, so was very happy to here Mr. Kaufmann announce its impending release recently.

I took two intro to Hindi courses in university in 2008, and did a little to try to keep up my practice thereafter, but never went too far. My professor had authored his own Hindi learning textbooks, and his method, along with his instruction, had me reading the script quite well in about two weeks! It was pretty mind blowing. (I recall it having to do with learning the characters in a certain order, organized by their shapes, not to do with the traditional Devanagari chart order.) Also got a pretty good grasp of the grammar at that time.

Since then I began studying and playing Hindustani (North Indian) classical music, as well as playing bhajans (devotional songs) and kirtan (call-and-response sacred songs) in a band, mostly sung in Hindi, so I have kept up a fair bit of contact with the language, though I’ve shied away from trying to speak with my Hindi-speaking friends.

A couple years ago I used Duolingo as a refresher for the grammar, and got a bit of vocab from it too, but I cruised right through it and found it short-lived and limited in what it had to offer.

Having heard about LingQ during this renaissance of my Hindi learning, I jumped the moment it when live here! Signed up for a lifetime membership, to save money over time, (I don’t foresee myself dedicating time to any other language in my lifetime, haha!) and I’ve been enjoying it immensely! All the integrated features are what pushed me over the edge, away from the free, similar platforms. Not to mention the inevitable addition of new features down the line, I’m sure.

So far I’ve worked through one full mini story, a bit of the second, and a little bit of the first chapter of Harry Potter (something I’d been doing on Lute recently.) I’ve also tried out the browser extension and imported a Netflix episode (‘Selection Day’ a drama about young cricket players,) and imported a podcast from the ‘Puliyabaazi - Hindi podcast’. Pretty excited about all this! Going to have to try to generate some stories with ChatGPT sometime too.


Looks like the goal posts for known words in LingQ will be:

Beginner 1: 680
Beginner 2: 2040
Intermediate 1: 8.160
Intermediate 1: 16.320
Advanced 1: 28.220
Advanced 2: 41.140

[Note: Beginner 1/2 should be exact; extrapolated from Int. 1 - Adv. 2]


Not quite ready yet, but I’m very happy we have it now, and I’m sure I’ll get around to it sooner rather than later!


Please add Wiktionary to Hindi language dictionaries (English & Hindi)


That is great news and I´m glad you posted about it since I totally missed the announcement. I have whole books and interesting texts (at least for me, like lucid dreaming and other yogic material) but it is not allowed to share since there is no audio.
I like these channels at Youtube in case people are interested in that kind of topic (meditation, philosophy, etc.).

and for more simple children’s stories and fairy tales:

And this guy is a famous productive monster, with many interesting and diverse topics ranging from quantum physics to Sanatam Dharma:


Wow exciting news! Congrats to the developers/contributors.


Love to hear about your journey with it, I am very much looking forward to having the language knowledge to dive more into legit culture through songs and even children’s books telling Hindu stories is exciting.

Trying to see if I can get away with not doing the language learner’s obligatory Harry Potter read this time haha


Thanks so much for sharing some resources! I think it will be a bit of an effort for Hindi learners to get together enough resources to take us through the beginning stages, but hopefully more people can share what they’re got to read/watch as time goes by.

One issue I’ve noticed so far is just how many otherwise great looking youtube videos don’t have subtitles.


Yeah, it’s amazing how it’s not common at all the habit of providing Hindi CC subtitles. I have begged for a long time when I find a channel that interests me, but usually they aren’t willing to spend time doing that. Besides, the ones who do, usually do it incorrectly and do a weird setting (or maybe it is a YT automatic setting) like labeling the subtitles as “English>>Hindi”, turning them impossible to import. Every time I find that error, I try to tell them, so please everybody do the same. Maybe some day they create the good habit that benefits all of us poor leaners :sweat_smile:

So far I have found only three channels that provide Hindi CC subtitles and correctly label them:

This is about productivity, self-improvement, meditation, philosophy, etc:

This is about the same, finance, motivation, etc:

And this is one is the Hindi version of Sadhguru, I don’t like him nor support him, but since it’s so rare to find subtitles and I want to learn that kind of vocab, it can be useful for me anyway:

Maybe we should create a separate thread just to post recommendations. The things that are not AI generated we can share at the library.


Kurzgesagt has a channel in Hindi with Hindi subtitles


What does it mean by 680 known words against beginner 1? Does that mean the learner needs to have that many qords to reach that level? In which case what is the level for a complete novice?