Hilarious video about using Google Translate to communicate

Hilarious, thanks. hahahaha

I’m left wondering how anyone could find that funny. Was it the made-up language of Nordic backwards Latvian Slangle that got you? Or the made-up examples of bad translations into and out of this made-up language? Maybe the handlebar mustache fellow who was pedaling to power the computer? When the girl thought the guy (who she just told exactly how to get to her house) threatened to murder her whole family…that was hilarious, right?

Perhaps it all comes down to the fact that Google Translate isn’t perfect? Hahahaha for trying and falling short of perfection, Google. And how foolish for someone to try to communicate with someone that doesn’t speak the same language by using a less than perfect, free service. Not to mention the potshots at online dating, tall women, men who sound like British grandmothers, and poor people/nations. Did I miss anything?

Sensitive much?

It’s called humor. It’s called satire.

Get over it.

I am sick of people in the U.S. being so politically correct that they have lost their sense of humor and find everything “offensive”.

I am offended by your avatar. Are you trying to say that language learners are monkeys?

Sucks to be you with no joy in your life that you find so many things offensive.

I find everything in that video hilarious and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Lacking in substance much?

Never said I was offended.

Been over it. That’s why it’s not funny to me.

I like monkeys.

I enjoy many things.

You can find anything you want hilarious/offensive.

If you’re looking to play “Let’s make unfounded assumptions about anonymous people” with someone, I’m not your guy.

…I wouldent marry a woman taller than me…

No really. The video was funny. I guess it was SNL funny; It took a lot risks to be funny and I guess it won’t acheive its goal everytime for everyone.

Oh yes, especially the ending lol

@djvlbass “SNL funny” now that actually made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue: (I do think there are some funny skits sometimes, but I stopped watching whole episodes long ago.)

Yeah, I don’t really watch SNL anymore but for when there is a guest host I am excited about. The Louis CK show was great.

I’m Aussie, and I thought the entire thing was so damn funny! Killed myself laughing.
…so true about google translate…I’ve used it for university assignments in both Japanese and Chinese, and have seen the most hilarious and twisted ‘translations’ LOL, but still the site is invaluable.

That was entertaining. I’ve definitely had issues attempting to talk to someone in another language using google translate to help with a few words I didn’t know. I’ve also attempted to translate people’s conversations using it and I’m pretty sure they were completely wrong considering what I got. Hilarious to read though.