Highlights get stuck on multiple characters

Sometimes when I’m doing a Mandarin lesson, I will highlight an entire line or several consecutive characters (which may include a variety of un-highlited, blue, and yellow ones) because this helps me get a better sense of what is meant in context.

The problem with this, however, is that the page gets stuck with the entire area I selected as highlighted in yellow, and the complete phrase may be added to the new linkqs even if I didn’t intend to do that. Then it is difficult to hover over or click on individual characters or words which had been previously highlighted by the system.

I’ve found that I can usually “undo” the selection of the larger group, by later selecting an even larger group adding one or more characters to the large selection, then when the whole thing is highlighted in blue and shows a black frame around it, I can click on a small red “X” in the top right to revert to the original highlighting.

I’m wondering if you can modify your system to make it a little less complicated to highlight and un-highlight combined selections. Perhaps, setting it up so that the first time a multiple set of previously highlighted groups is selected by putting the black outline around it but not making it replace the previous highlighting.

@jfeka - When you create a LingQ from the phrase you can then see the individual words that make up that phrase displayed in the LingQ info pane in the dashboard. You can hover or click on blue and yellow words from there and create links or look them up as you like.