Highlighting multiple word temperamental

Hey since the update the ability to highlight multiple words to translate a sentence or part of a sentence has got quite hanky

Using android

We are looking into the issue and we will have it fixed.


Additionally, accessing the highlighting of multiple words is also off. I keep trying to access a phrase I’ve highlighted but I cannot get it to pop up with the translation at all. I noticed also that the website is slow to respond when this happens, so that when I try to click off the highlighted phrase, it takes an age to do so or it highlights the rest of the text in the sentence in blue. I have even tried to move to the previous page, but it doesn’t move. It appears stuck.

Using HP Pavilion, Win10, via Brave Browser. I tried using Chrome (Brave is essentially O-S Chrome) and I get the same problem. I’m testing it with Microsft’s Broswer.

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