Highlighted text, in Translate Sentense

Is there any script to make Highlighted text, in Translate Sentense , or to hide the original text?
I learn english. First I try to see every sentence in matern language (Translate Sentence), without to see the original text in english. So I translate in mind ( in english) this sentence and write it on paper, then I listen it in english, and then I check with the original text. For me this method is very useful. Maybe if the text in (Translate Sentence) will be highlighted, it will be easily to see the translate text without to see the original text. Or maybe if it is possible to hide the original text in english, first. Can you say me something about this ? Thanks

There is no way to adjust the settings there I’m afraid. The original text will always show. That isn’t really something that we offer. Maybe some day we will have an activity for some beginner lessons that does that but that would be something for future development.

I see . I think it is a good ideea for future.
However, I try to do as I can. I make the highlight text by selected once the all text in “Translate Sentence”, and then when I move in the next page, this selection remained. For the moment it is good and so.