High LingQ Word Counts

At least while I’m posting this

Almost 1000 words in the last week… 34310 now.

I was in the last chapters of a book and was compelled to finish it. When caught up in reading that’s fairly well understood there is a tendency to just keep reading rather than clicking on and classifying every single blue word that is recognized in context. That inflates the “known” words. Those will sometimes get moved to a lower status when met again in a different context and with a more methodical mindset. That doesn’t account for all the gain, of course. Easily recognizable “new” forms of well-known words are always encountered in a heavily inflected language, and I did take the time move some words from 4 to Known where that seemed appropriate.

I also have to say that I seem to be at a point where a fair number of the genuinely new words have recognizable roots, which speeds learning. (I think Evgueny recently said something about the relatively small number of Russian roots.) It seems to be a case of ‘the rich get richer’, at least in words, once you reach a certain level of familiarity with the language.

Okay not anymore