High Lingq-to-Known-Words ratio...(Chinese)

I have been using Lingq for about 2.5 years with months of inactivity in between (So, roughly 1.75 years of using it on 3-7 days per week). When reviewing my stats, I noticed I have an insane Lingq-to-known-word-ratio, with about 100K lingqs and only 8K known words.

(I mostly read TheChairMansBao articles on Lingq. Actually, my main focus is listening comprehension. I never SRS, never used Anki)

I wonder if I am doing something wrong? I lingq like crazy and also produce new lingqs (not just the words auto-generated by Lingq), however, based on those stats, somehow it seems as if the read words do not seem to stick (?!)

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You have to come across the exact linQs again to mark them as known. For words it happens more frequently, but if you, let’s say, have saved a phrase with some proper noun in the middle at some time, it can never come up again (unless you’re going to SRS those 100K :slight_smile:
Or you could have saved a LinQ with some unknown words in it and then you marked the LinQ as known, but the words is the different thing here, you have to mark them independently. Words can be a LingQ, but LingQs are not neccesarily words.
I remember someone has already posted the same question and it turned out this is the same way for many people here on LingQ. So, I think you aren’t doing anything wrong. Just because the known lingQs don’t correspond neither with the known words nor with the read words.

What I started doing is using the word in the text as a kind of flashcard. If I remembered what it is, I’ll change it to level 2. If it comes up again, I’ll change it to level 3, etc… And if I can’t remember it, I might bring it back down to level 2.

I think a 5:1 ratio is probably even a little high for a nice efficient process and 20:1 is definitely high. I’d probably focus on reading easier material where you know 90% of the words. I also think a person should be able to read a 2000-word lesson in less than 45 minutes (less than 30 even).

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Thanks. It may be true that the lessons are still too difficult even though I choose lessons with above 90% comprehension. I guess a major role in this play the Chinese characters. I am not sure you can generalise the statement for 2000 words in 45 minutes for every language, learner’s age, etc. I see that you are studying Arabic. I am curious, can you read 2000 arabic words in 30-45 minutes?