High frequency French words

I am new to LingQ and am trying to better my French. I have 2 questions about the high frequency french words used in LingQ.

  1. I remember reading somewhere that the most important words in LingQ are starred. I.e,

    –4 stars for the most important 1000 words
    –3 stars for next 1000
    –2 stars for the next 1000 words
    –1 star for ALL OTHER WORDS!

It seems to me that the one star words could be further prioritized to help make for more productive learning of really important words. Thus my questions:

What is the source used to decide which words in lingQ are the most important? That way i can more productively prioritize my one starred words? Also, is there anyway to get LingQ to go more in depth prioritize those 4 starred words?

Thank you,

The word importance is based on the frequency of use of words in our store. It just calculates.

You can use the Tag function to mark words that are important to you.

In our experience, once you are past the first few thousand words, importance will vary depending on the interests of each learner.

We had thought of allowing learners to change the importance of words, but decided that this just added complexity. Tagging will enable you to identify words that matter to you and to see them listed in the Vocab section where you can concentrate on studying them.

I like these frequency stars and sorting by them is very useful.

Steve>“The word importance is based on the frequency of use of words in our store.”

Does your own imported content influence the word importance? Are all user’s word importance the same? Does it only take into account words that users have lingqed?

The word importance number is based on our library only, and does not include imported content. The importance number is the same for all users. The larger our library in a given language, the more accurate the indicator is.

Thanks for the clarification!