Hide the coin counter!

Is there a way to hide the coin counter and avatar to the next level indicator?

IMO, irritating!

Yes, I said goodbye to the damned thing this morning. Go to user spatterson’s profile page to find solution.

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Maybe it would be OK if at the top of the page next to known words.

Download an adblocker plugin and tell it that it is an ad.


Keke that is a very clever solution

For me, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s the location.

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It is not that i don’t like the idea-- i don’t like that it takes up valuable screen space. I like having more of the text that i am studying visible so that i don’t have to scroll.


@all - Just a heads up, we’re looking into possibly moving the Avatar progress bar to the dashboard, which would address some of the issues raised on this thread.

Sounds great.

BTW. I really like the certificate-- will print one out when i get to the advanced level in French.

Regarding the certificate, why does it say I am at advanced 1 when my pokemon is just about to power up to advanced 3?

@mikebooks - Awesome, glad to hear you like it!

@ColinJohnstone - It displays the level which you have achieved, not your current level. Much in the same way as if you are in grade 9, you have successfully completed up to grade 8 but won’t have completed grade 9 until you start grade 10. Does that make any sense? :slight_smile:

“Does that make any sense?”

It makes perfect sense.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve gotten use to the coin counter thingy on the bottom of the lesson page.

I’ve gotten used to it too-- but i still don’t like that it takes up valuable screen space.
I think that the idea behind it is good-- it just needs to be placed elsewhere (or have a button to disable it)…