Hide Completed Courses on Homepage


I would like to inquire if there is a way to hide or remove courses or articles from the homepage that I have already read. Currently, whenever I visit the homepage, I need to spend time distinguishing between the ones I have read and the ones I haven’t. This process consumes unnecessary mental effort.

I understand that LingQ keeps a record of my progress and marks the completed courses or articles. It would be immensely helpful if there were an option or setting to automatically hide or filter out the courses or articles that I have already read. This feature would enhance the overall user experience and streamline the browsing process, allowing me to focus more on discovering new content.

If such a feature does not currently exist, I kindly request the LingQ team to consider implementing it in future updates. I believe many users would appreciate the ability to personalize their homepage and have a clutter-free view of the content that is relevant to their current learning goals.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll forward it to our team and we will see what we can do.


+1000. Having a completed lesson in my ‘continue studying’ drives me a bit crazy haha