Hide and remove courses you've already completed/learned

Is it possible to remove a completed course from ‘my lessons’ such that it doesn’t reappear in the Library? I want to declutter so it’s easier to see what I’m working on and to filter Library results for content I haven’t already seen. At the moment, I only seem to be able to remove the course/lesson from My Lessons. When I do that, it’ll appear in the Library without showing my progress/completion status.


I also have a question related to this. If you remove all the lessons (and by extension the course itself once you’ve removed every lesson), will the LingQs that you’ve made from that course still be saved?

Removing a lesson doesn’t reflect on your saved LingQs. All LingQs (even those you created in a removed lesson) will remain on the Vocabulary tab.
For now it’s not possible to remove a course from the Library, but we will see if we can make some improvements there in the upcoming updates.

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I thought there was some archiving feature that allowed this, but it was one that was annoying in that the check box didn’t work like all the others in the world where you click and then Decide to take an action. Rather, it archives as soon as the box is checked.

As as an asid,e, but related, I have always found the filtering ams search features to fairly “unfriendly“ shall we say.

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