Hidden links in the dictionary

I just found that it seems as if the dictionary sometimes is “semi-transparent” - when I want to highlight (and copy) a definition from the dictionary, one of my previously studied items opens (as if the dictionary box just hid the links to the items slightly). It doesn’t happen each time, though, but it’s annoying having to go back and click “dictionary” again, find the definition et.c. I have never encountered this problem before.

We’ll look into this. Does refreshing the page help? It could be that your recent items have long titles and therefore stretch under the dictionary box. Either way this shouldn’t happen. Any more info would be great.

For what it’s worth, it only happened when I saved German LingQs (thus, not Russian or Chinese). I should probably add that I didn’t see any of the links to the other items (unless I paid attention to the status bar at the bottom of the browser window), just the regular dictionary information: word, translation(s), and links to Babylon and Dict.cc. but when trying to highlight the translation, something else was opened.

Another strange thing (which may have been commented on before) is that the Hint and Phrase fields (when a LingQ is opened in the vocabulary section) sometimes stretch into the dictionary box which makes it a bit hard to highlight what I want (as if the mouse tries to mark something in the empty field). I don’t have any screen shot, and can’t really say if it occurs when looking up individual words, or phrases, or when editing a previously saved LingQ (which fields may be empty due to batch adding via “Add a list of terms”). I’ll just have to see if it happens again, in which case I’ll make a screen shot.

Thanks, Jeff. Yes, we’re aware of the second problem you mention. It is in our list to fix.