Hi :)

¡Hi guys! I’m Viviana and I’m new girl in the platform.

I’m studying English because I’ve a interview for a good job the next week. Although be autodidact for me it’s hard, I’ll henceforth to do studying full time, it’s my commitment. Therefore I’ve writing some texts about my job (project management) waiting that somebody can correct it. In the same way, if somebody needs help with Spanish language, I can help. I’m a Colombian redactor.

Best regards


Ola Viviana. Welcome on LingQ.

You can always write texts and ask people to give you some tips for free. The community here is not gigantic, but it is a helpful community. I will start learning Spanish soon, so who knows some day you can help me!

With only 1 week to go, I have to say you are a bit late :slight_smile:

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In advance…Congratulation for new job :). I just to remind you with Steve advice’s … spend time with the language…be with the language.

see u later.


Hi vivihp I can help you corrected Your texts.

Thanks, Really although the interview is this week does not mean that just I have one week to prepare me . It’s just the beginning :slight_smile:

Ok. We can talk any topic. skype ID:bluepeace7777

I am increasing my contact with the language myself. I am preparing for an internship which if all goes well, should start in July. Hope to see you around!