Hi who want to practise english with me? someone

heyy im interesting in english so we could make a kind of conversacion club by skype
if you are intresting add me on skype or facebook pablito calderon

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Interesting and interested are different. I suppose you are interested in English.

What is “im”? What does it mean? I wonder whether it has something to do with Open Forum in English.

Only by speaking you can activate your previous knowledge but hardly acquire new knowledge. Only by reading and listening a lot and writing a bit in addition to speaking you will be able to go ahead.

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I will like to practice english with you .

I would like too

Hello ! Do you want to speak English with me?
I would be very happy to dot it

yes this is my skype (ryadeln) i would to practice my english send me an invitation if you want

hi pleasseeee approach me on facebook ( mail id ajaydubeygkp@gmail.com).

I just noticed your post… “im” is intended to be the contraction of “I am”, which is properly spelled “I’m”.