Hi, Where can I find Korean e-books with audio? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Hi, Where can I find Korean e-books with audio? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Probably Amazon and Audible have Korean stores.

For Korean e-books, the best resource is the Google Play bookstore, they have a large selection. (Amazon / Kindle currently doesn’t have any Korean language titles, I don’t think.)

Google Play is a bit trickier to work through as far as downloading and uploading to Lingq, but if you do the legwork you can make it work just fine in most cases. (Some titles are not downloadable at all, but for most of them, you can get the e-pub if you go through the steps.)

Also, you have to search for the titles or the authors name in Korean, otherwise it won’t show up. (Don’t search “Korean” because all you’ll get is language course books that way.)

Audio is another story. Audiobooks with the matching text are very hard to find in Korean (mostly non existent).

HOWEVER, I recently discovered that some YouTubers have started recording books in Korean. I just found that someone did about an hour and half worth of “The Vegetarian” on YouTube. So I got the book on Google Play and I’ve been working through the recorded portion.

I think this the hardest thing about learning the smaller languages. French, Spanish, Chinese, German… there is plenty of stuff out there and easy to buy, not so much for the other ones. But OP, I was wondering do you know where I can get norsk audiobooks with Text? I’m curious because there is practically nothing on the lingq library other than a handful of courses from some members.

Is there anywhere to find Korean transcripts of Tv-Dramas? There are bunch of good ones online but I need either the transcript or at least ones that have the korean subtitles… the problem is I simply can’t navigate the korean webpages at this point.

I’ve gone down some click holes trying to find K-Drama transcripts, but they are just as elusive as audiobooks.

Currently, the best content in this realm is KBS radio dramas, which are available with transcripts and podcast form.

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Thats not bad, but it is disappointing. K Dramas would be a treasure trove of material for Lingqing since They produce those things like they are going out of style. Ever Drama has 100’s of episodes in a year… Do they give the actors time to sleep??

I need to get a korean friend to either find A place to watch dramas with KOREAN subtitles or pay them to just transcribe some dramas.

I would be willing to pay for them if I could, or had enough money.

Netflix has K-dramas with Korean subtitles available. Look for the ones marketed as “Netflix Originals” and they will not only have subs but also Korean audio description tracks on some of them.

Thank you! That is awesome news :smiley:

Off the top of my head, I can only think of an APP called “Storytel”. Its has become a quite popular APP in Norway providing e-books with audio - mostly for Norwegian books, but also for some Swedish and English books. The APP is free for the first moth you sign up and you may stop your membership whenever you want- you could try it out and see if it works. However, you will probably have to download the e-book from another source, as I do not think you would be able to upload it to lingq from storytel. However, it solves the audio problem…kinda. Hope that helps a little :slight_smile: