Hi there! I'm Avinnigo

How do you do?

I’m new to LingQ. I just signed up last night and “enrolled” in Spanish. I want to learn and meet people here, especially those who share my ‘thing’ for foreign languages.

I am a Filipino. Ilocano is my native language, and Tagalog and English are my second languages.

I have been self studying foreign languages now for, I guess, almost four years, starting with Spanish. But that didn’t get me that far. I try to reason, “Well, I’ve been studying English my whole life and for sure there is much more yet to be learned.” Indeed, but what I really want is to move up one level from my current level, and speeding that up would be very great. I just feel stuck at this point.

Studying Spanish also paved my way to studying Italian. I find the two very much alike. I also tried German, stopped, forgot, indefinitely on hold. French pronunciation sort of intimidated me but giving it a try lately had me realize otherwise.

Welcome to LingQ. I have a bunch of friends in the Philippines. I should probably learn Tagalog sometime, although all of my Filipino friends speak excellent English like yourself.

Good luck with your studies, and hopefully you’ll enjoy your experience here.