Hi, need some help for a starter up


I’m stuck at the moment and ive only just recently joined ling and i find it rather difficult to actually understand what i need to do. I’ve watched the introduction video but it doesn’t really help. From what i can gather your supposed to highlight all the blue highlighted words to make them yellow with the first hint word in the top column and then once every blue word is yellow download them and listen to them. How does this actually work because if i start listening to these random words which have no meaning to me are these then going to turn into words and sentences that i understand?, in another language? do i repeat it myself as well? or just listen to it? how do i even know what im listening to is right in this language for starters?


The idea is to learn the words IN CONTEXT. Read and listen to the whole lesson. At some point, work with the blue words by choosing definitions for them that make sense in the context. That definition may NOT be the first one on the list. It may even be that you need to go to the online dictionary to get a definition that makes sense in the context of the lesson you’re studying.

If you know a blue word, choose “known” or wait till the end of the lesson and press “LingQ’d”.

Then listen, listen, read, listen, listen/read, listen…to the whole lesson as many times as you like.

If you want to practice the yellow words out of context, you may use the flashcard feature.

When you’re tired of one lesson, try another.

Hi Archie,

In addition to what Jingle posted above, you might want to try “Tutorial View” for step by step instructions on how to learn using LingQ. If you have any more questions, we’d be glad to answer them.