Hi, I've bought a voucher from gogroopie, how do I use this to upgrade my account - or do I have to start a new one?

As the title suggests, I saw a deal for LingQ on gogroopie, however the link provided on the voucher takes me to the new sign up page - I would rather use it to upgrade my existing account if possible?


@philwhite - Send an email at support (at) lingq.com and we’ll help you get this sorted out.

Hi - I have also bought a voucher through Groupon but I had previously signed up. I have put my voucher code on my account but can you tell me if I am now upgraded? I can’t send you an email because for some reason I can’t open the email link. Can you advise your email.

Casilda (Maxine Lawn)

@casilda - Not to worry, since your account hasn’t been upgraded before you were able to use this successfully. You can confirm your membership level by going to the Account page (https://www.lingq.com/accounts/account/).

If you have any more questions, you can post here or send us an email. Just click on “HELP” at the top right then click on “Email Support”.