Hi. I'm a native English/Russian speaker looking for someone to practice Japanese on Skype or by phone with me

My name is Sebastian and I am fluent and well read in both English and Russian.

I’m looking for someone fluent in Japanese to get on Skype with me and talk for 20-30 minutes a few times a week. If it isn’t too much trouble It would be awesome if you have a camera as I don’t currently know enough Japanese to communicate so sign language will be very important at first.

In exchange I will speak Russian or English with you afterwards. Ideally I’m looking for someone who is a complete beginner like myself. I will be patient and try my best to communicate with sign language, drawings etc. I have found that this is the best way to learn =)

Also feel free to text me in Japanese ideally avoiding Kanji at first and using Hiragana I will respond in English or Russian depending on what you are learning. My number: +447766226209

Hi, I’m a native Japanese speaker and I’ve been learning English as a LingQ member about three weeks. I’m willing to exchange our languages on Skype. I’m ready to use a web camera. Please contact me at your convinience. Tomorrow(Sunday), I have plenty of time to have our lesson.

こんにちは。わたしはにほんごがぼこくごのにほんじんです。 このさいとでさんしゅうかんえいごをまなんでいます。ぜひすかいぷでおたがいのごがくをまなびましょう。かめらのじゅんびはあります。じかんのあるときにれんらくください。あすのにちようび、たくさんじかんがあります。

Hi, my name is Mritunjay and I’m from India. I just got registered today and want to learn Japanese and I’m willing to teach you in English in exchange on Skype. Please contact me on phone and we can fix a time at your convenience. Thanks…

My number: +919871115659
My Skype ID: sumant0sharma.