Hi, I want someone to talk in english...and I can help in portuguese

Hello people,I am a young Brazilian with 17 years old and I began in LingQ recently with the first objective of apprimore my english,which is not very good,although I’m learning it since 10 years ago (only in normal school) and I’m a good student with good grades in english.However,only now I’m really interested in be fluent in english.After I really learn english,I’ll try to learn other languages…I’m really interested with it now.Well,I’m very interested too in help and teach people who wants to learn portuguese.I think I’m good in it,because I’m brazilian,and I’m a good writer,reader,speaker and listener in portuguese,naturally.If someone wants to help me in english,even in conversations,I’ll be very thankful,and if someone wants to learn or apprimore portuguese,I’m here excited to help.Thank you for reading,and please comment \o/ I’m very interested in new friends too :smiley:

Nobody’s interested?=( If someone wants to correct my possible errors in these texts I’ll like too =D

Hi Zeldy. Bom dia!

Keep up the good work with English! You’re doing well. A few things:

–You’re 17 years old. Say “I am 17 years old,” not “with 17 years.”

–“…although I’m learning it since 10 years ago.” The proper way to say this is “I have been learning it for 10 years.” Only use “since” with indefinite measures of time, like “since yesterday I have been feeling sick.” But you could say “I have been feeling sick for two days.”

Hi Zeldy! Its great that you want to become better at English. When I was 18 I started learning Spanish more seriously (I took classes in school too) and now that I am okay in Spanish I am trying to learn some Portuguese too. You seem to be confused with “apprimore” (that’s not an English word) and I think you mean “improve.” Boa tarde de EUA!

Probably I can help you.

Meu skype: lucaspaynex

and I’m too romariocosta.de.sousa

rwargas22 and mattlar3 : thanks a lot for the help =D! And mattlar3,if you want some help in portuguese,talk to me…I can correct your texts and pronounce,if you want…and I can talk or write to you in portuguese or help with grammar and language structure!:smiley: