Hi, 5 new English lessons for Beg I and Beg II upwards

Here you can find 2 new episodes of “And now …” for Beginners. Is the police closing in on Mr Newman?

and 3 more for Beginners II (and everybody really) “And now … Silly Spellings and …”

Please let me know if you’d like me to write about a specific bugbear.

They look good! How about ship versus sheep (long and short vowels)?

There are also some word pairs that really trouble the Japanese…I’ll ask in my conversations and report back.

I have a cat named Myrrh. Whenever I see the British typography, i.e. omitting the period after certain abbreviations, such as Mr, I think of her—Myrrh Newman.

I shall think of Mr Newman from now on as Mr Myrrh Newman, much nicer sounding than Mr Nigel Newman ( I was going to reveal his first name in one of the upcoming episodes…).

@ Helen: Thank you for the suggestion. I shall be recording a Short & Long Vowels lesson, based on “i and ee”, this afternoon.

I seem to remember Japanese LingQers complaining about finding similar words with and without r’s and l’s confusing, like:

awe, or and all.
cawed, cord and called

As a non-rhotic English speaker I have trouble making them sound different for them.

I doubt I’ll do much better (be’ahh) than you, but I’ll give it a go next week.