Hey, I can't appear as a Tutor on my profile

Hey, I can’t appear as a Tutor on my profile. I am now Tutor and it doesnt appear that i am a tutor. whats the problem?

When I click on your profile I see:

  • Send writing in English
  • Join conversation in English
    For some reasons you cannot see it on your own profile.

Oh ok. thanks a lot. now its ok

Yes, you can’t see those links on your own profile but you can see which languages you tutor in the sidebar of the Calendar page and on the Write page sidebar.

oh yes thanks mark by the way mark,Please can you add American Express, because i can only using American Express. but if u need to add it please don’t be late to 6 month because i need to be a basic member soo soon and i can’t because there isnt American Express and i cant wait for 6 month. . please!!!

Hi Malek,

You can create a paypal account using your American Express card as your payment method and then you should be able to pay on LingQ using your Paypal account.

unfortuently paypal doesnt work in my country

I’m sorry then, Malek. I don’t really know of another way for you to pay us. For some reason American Express is not an option for our direct payment system.

make it one of the option of direct payment. u said that you are making new things, let this thing one of the new things, and i need to upgrade,