Here's an Idea for LingQ

What is wrong with the current ‘earn points for correcting’ system?

(the button “Post and Submit for Correction” below)

It sounds like it isn’t a bad idea at all.

I think we need no completely new method.

What I would suggest is the option to submit writings without naming as a corrector (like the old writing system) additionally to the option to chose a special corrector. All these writings could went into an “open pool” of corrections, and can be corrected by anyone who has time. Anyone who has time can check the “open pool”. If someone has started a correction it should be hidden for others that not two people work on the same correction. If the correction isn’t finished after 1 hour it should be given back into the “open pool”. This is to prevent people for waiting too long for the correction. That is something that happened with the old writing system of LingQ.

Great idea!

@ IT
" As it is, people who submit writing here have to wait."

Well, I think there are several reasons for that: 1: the length of the text submitted, 2: the number of mistakes; 3: the detail of the report; 4: the availability of the tutor.
When I get a mail notification that someone sent me a text for correction, I try to do it at once, but it takes at least half an hour to an hour (ok, I admit I’m slow).
If what you’re suggesting is just 1 paragraph correction, then it can be faster than a longer text, of course: otherwise, I don’t see much difference from the present system.

@Vera - your suggestion looks interesting, provided the system would still allow users to choose a corrector, if they wished it that way. How would points work in that way?