Here are my Russian goals

Hi all once again!

I recently started learning Russian (one or two weeks ago) in the hope that this summer I will get to spend 6-8 weeks studying Russian and staying with a Russian host family. It will be total immersion for that long. So, in order to get ready for this possibility and be at a good enough level in the language so that I get the most out of the experience that I can, I have set up some goals for myself based on my language experience with Spanish.

Here are my goals:
15,000 Known Words (470 per week)
40,000 LingQs (1250 per week, pretty difficult honestly)
225 Hours of Listening (An hour a day, will be hard at times, but mostly easy)
750,000 Words of Reading (A TON of content, but hopefully will be the deciding factor in my level)
5,000 Words of Writing (In a few months I will probably be pretty active on the Russian forum, once I reach that level)
10 Hours of Speaking (I am not too concerned with this goal as I will have plenty of practice IN Russia!)

Do these goals sound obtainable? I hope I can achieve them by the time summer rolls around and have no trouble understanding every day speech when I get to Russia. Also, what level do you think I would reach in the language (not in LingQ terms based on word count, but normal language level terms)? I am guessing about a low B2 myself if I’m lucky.

Currently I am mainly using Evgueny’s B2 courses here on LingQ, as the B1 “first steps” were getting boring. I hope I can understand a lot more soon and start reading as fast as I do in English.

Well thank you all for your responses! Tell me about your experience learning Russian, I’d be happy to hear about it!

Hi ! Someone to help with learning Russian ?

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Good luck!
But if you started learning only two weeks ago and jumped right away to the B2 level texts - it’s not the the best way of learning. Maybe, you knew Russdian before, I don’t know.
But of course you can even in the first levels combine the simple texts with more difficult texts - it works for many students.
For example my couses ПРОСТЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ(А2) + ДЕНЬ ЗА ДНЕМ(В1-В2 podcasts).
But it’s also important: Russian has more difficult grammar structures than English and without knowing the main of them you won’t be able to speak Russian correctly - you can use my grammar courses ГРАММАТИЧЕСКИЕ МОДЕЛИ(А2) и ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ ГРАММАТИКА (В1- В2).

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Thank you! Yes usually I listen/read both B1 and B2 content so I can get a general sense of the language while also challenging myself and getting exposure to a lot of new vocabulary. I find that probably the best way of learning for me. I definitely think the grammar will be the most challenging aspect of the language, and I really have not started learning much about it, but will definitely look into those courses you made. Thanks for all your help and the resources you put up.

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I’m certain that you will reach your long time goals, but I strongly suggest that you make clear and realizable goals in the short term.

Ex: “this week I will learn and master the prepositional case and learn X words”. Weekly goals will be easier to reach, seem more encouraging and if ever you don’t reach your goal it’s easier to look back at what you could’ve done better.

It’s great that you start with real content right away, but since Russian is very different from Spanish and English I think it’s best that you also check out some grammar. is a very useful (and 100% free) website for this.

Russian is amazing and not as difficult as they say. It just takes longer to get started. Have fun!

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Thanks for this suggestion, I will definitely start making short term goals. And yes I’m definitely going to try to learn the grammar pretty quickly so I don’t get caught up on it later. Thanks!

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That would be great but I don’t think I’m anywhere near being able to have conversations yet!