Helpful links and resources to learn German

It’s well know that German isn’t the easiest language to learn, so let’s put together links that help students at all levels to improve in the language. Here are mine:

Mittelpunkt neu | Lehrwerk | Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) | Klett Sprachen (B1-C2 books)

Tatort - ARD | Das Erste (Germany’s most popular crime series) (Germany’s main news)

Markus Lanz - ZDFmediathek (talk show)

37 Grad - ZDFmediathek (documentaries)

1LIVE Domian - Magazin - Radio - WDR (talk show)

Wunderschön - Wunderschön - Fernsehen - WDR (travel)


Mine will be a mishmash of mostly content that can be imported, but other things as well.

Your original link for DW isn’t working for me (not sure if it changed). Here is the main link:

Or possibly you wanted to link to this:

That link includes Nico’s Weg which is a great beginner course and has been imported into LingQ:

I highly recommend Easy German youtube channel and podcast. Particularly once someone reaches Intermediate levels to get some authentic unscripted dialogue;


If you become a patron you get access to the transcripts. “Video” membership gives access to the video transcripts from youtube. “Podcast” membership gives access to the podcast transcripts, vocabulary helper (important words pop up on screen while listening with definition) , also interactive transcript (it follows along with the audio and you can click on sections to pop translations of those sections. Really nice.

I do think many of the videos and podcasts have been imported into LingQ along with the real transcripts, but I feel it’s nice to pay them for their work (the podcasts really shouldn’t be public on Lingq).

My beginner phases were mostly books and which you posted above.

Intermediate (and Beginner), Evgueny40 and Vera have some outstanding courses and content which should be looked at by everyone. I’ll try to post some links to the courses here when I get a chance, but can be easily looked up on LingQ.

Currently and late intermediate levels I’ve been reading books, and Easy German videos and podcast above, but also like these:

MrWissen2Go - these have finally been getting real subtitles so these can easily be imported into LingQ. He covers a lot of different topics and includes his sources in the description.

MrWissen2GoGeschichte - history oriented but also excellent

Quarks - great science based tv show. Unfortunately only auto generated subtitles, but I’ve found the show to be relatively easy to follow (doesn’t mean I understand all of it, but it’s entertaining nonetheless

Learn German with Anja - Good for beginner/intermediate/advanced. Has a lot of English explanation so not not great for importing

For those interested in travel…these have good subtitles:

Die Frage - odd and taboo subjects. Good subtitles for importing:

NDR Doku - pretty long so may not import, but good subtitles:

Lohnt sich das - good subtitles for importing:

Other links:

Your Daily German - great for really delving into the background of certain words. You can search, but I think beyond some # of searches it’s now requiring payment, but very good for occasional look ups of things that might be very confusing:

Get Germanized - mostly in English now. I think he does have a “course” of sorts early on on his youtube channel, but this channel I use mostly for odd and interesting things regarding Germany and/or the German language. So not as useful for learning German, but may help peak interest in Germany and the culture and the language.


Text to speech - if you want to add some audio and don’t have any. It’s free to a certain number of words. You can purchase daily or yearly if you need to do more. The quality I think is a little more natural than what’s on LingQ.

Good courses on LingQ:

The following one seems to have been cut short…not sure if Evgueny40 pulled it back mostly or if new LingQ is not connecting all the pieces.


Search for those provided by evgueny40 and Veral. There are many more good ones by them (and others)

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Very useful. Thank you!