Help with Skype!1

I have got my internet connection but there is no way I can connect to Skype. Please, is there anybody who have an idea how I could get that fix? Great thanks!

We’re having the same problem as well. It appears that Skype is down for the time being. Hopefully it’s back up soon!

Thanks for your quick answer Alex! I do hope it is back soon…

Follow their Twitter account for any updates:!/skype

Haha I have the same issue

Skype is not working now, I’ve got the message: “Hi, our server has taken a short break”

From “Skype is now gradually returning to normal – we expect it may take several hours for everyone to be able to sign in again, however”

If any conversations are missed as a result of this, please first contact the tutor/student to try and reschedule. If you need further assistance, please email LingQ support and we’ll make sure to get you taken care of :slight_smile:

I’ve been having this problem since at least yesterday (at first I assumed my password was wrong or something and ignored it cause I was busy) - now the lack of skype is becoming more and more ominous- I think this is how the twitter/facebook crowd feels when those sites go down

Global Blackout :slight_smile:

Skype should return, tomorrow.

I have the same problem

Oh, I have the same problem.

Reporting from Japan. Now I am able to sign in. Please give it a try.

Now It is not working again! Sorry for giving you the wrong information.

It might be a good idea to download Google Talk, so as to have an alternative chat system, for when Skype is not available.

MSN messenger is also good. I tried to talk with someone this morning, it worked quite well.

It seems to be working at the moment, it just lit up green!

I’m able to log in - hopefully it lasts

I can log in, but the system is down.

In my place it started to work again. I have never thought a color “green” is such a beautiful thing.

The joy of green :slight_smile: