Help with Polish resources

I am looking for a Polish language podcast on current events. I have found but cannot figure out how to download the sound files or subscribe to the RSS feed. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Well I can’t understand polish nor can find the download button. But there’s a way to download the mp3 files coming with the article as following : (using chrome)

  1. Right click on the page of that article
  2. click view page source
  3. press Ctrl + F
  4. search for .mp3
    you now would find the download link. copy it to the browser or download managers if you have and it should start downloading. (you can also do it with firefox)
    for example the audio link for (Monte Cassino: duszę oddali Bogu, ciało ziemi włoskiej a serce Polsce - Wiadomości - ) would be
    Hope this would help.

Thanks but I tried doing this and couldn’t find the mp3 file. There must be a simpler way, or at least I hope so.

when you search for " .mp3 " it doesn’t directly give the link. you gotta take it out. for example when I search .mp3 , all the results turn into yellow (except the first one which is red). the first one is most likely to be the audio link. copy it from where it starts with http to .mp3. that’s the link.
thus from something like this
( data-media={“id”:1071898,“file”:“Polskie Radio Online - Przerwa techniczna”:0} >)
you would take out this :
** no need to mention but the article must have a audio coming with it. otherwise you wouldn’t find any mp3 or other audio formats link

Hello Steve
My suggestion is next.
You need to save “audio file” directly from the audio web player- in the format *.flv - I see audio is attached to flash- next you need to convert *.flv file to *.mp3 file.
Therefore you need to do the next procedure:

  1. Install Internet Download Manager form this page.
    or different software which allow you to save *.flv files directly from your web browser.
  2. Restart your web browser
  3. Open polish radio in your web browser
  4. Click on audio player- wait some seconds advertisements should be passed.
  5. Download *.flv “audio file” to your computer by using Internet Download Manager or different software- downloader should start automatically- especially in the Internet Explorer browser.
  6. Next you need to convert saved *.flv files to *.mp3 files
    You can use this software;
    or different- I suppose your are working on Apple

Hello Steve. You had a deal whit this before, so I hope so it’s going to help you:),Jak-sciagnac-podcast


Hi Steve,
I found a podcast which I will start listening to now:,Raport-o-stanie-swiata

The easiest way I think to download the audio is to search for the podcast in your iTunes store (under Podcasts).
Search for “raport o stanie świata” and subscribe.
In my iTunes I clicked on Podcasts under the library menu on the sidebar.
Then I clicked on the Podcast and changed to “List” view.
From there I was able to right click and create an MP3 version.

Or I think you can even download the file and it appears as an MP3 version in the folder under iTunes media.

There used to be “Euronews Po Polsku” in the Polish lessons on Lingq but that seems to have disappeared.


Is the transcript following the audio?