Help with my letter of self-recommendation,please


I just wonder if you guys would love to do a litte help with my letter of self-recommendation.I have been tried to start writing my draft like 20 times,but seriously I just realized how worse my English writing skill it is,and God I have no idea of how should I make my letter like a really formal one.

Well ,I am planning to work in Penisula Hotel Shanghai,one of the best 5 star hotel in the region ,but I supposed I missed the chance of their open recruitment fair.I 'd give a try of sending a email to their HR with my resume,sort of brave recommending oneself,since my English isn’t that bad as theirs,and you know Good English is a way to get the job.

I would suggest you write me a sample(because I don’t know what exactly should I start with,specially the words and I am sure there’ve some idiomatic word, phrase, or expression that should be put there ),and if you are really kind to write me a sample would you please start writing from my circumstances(I’d always like to speak English,intresting about study foreign languages,and i really love to work in the hotel ,talk to my guests in English/Foreign languages but I just missed the job fair and I would like to give a try ask them if there’s still a opportunity to join.

Well,I 'd really like to try using English to bring up a possibly chance ,who knows what’s gonna happen,maybe I am gonna be a luck star.

Thank you.

PS:you can post your sample /sugguestion on lingq or simply email me at,I’d really expect it.

I suggest you sign up for a 30 minute one-on-one session with a tutor to help you work on your letter :wink:

Would it really be self-recommendation if other people do the work for you? Would that be a sound base for an interview? I suggest you follow Helen’s advice and sign up for a session or two with a tutor.