Help with challenge targets, please

I like how the Hardcore Challenge goals are shown, with a progress bar for each skill. It’s very clear.

However, the regular challenge is not clear at all. In the desktop view, there is only a single bar at the top for coins. (In the app view, it’s at the bottom–I think?) What do the numbers mean? In past challenges, I just kept going until the top bar was full, and I thought I won the challenge. But then I got the notification that I had failed the challenge. So how many coins do I need for each target?

[Desktop screenshot]

In the app view below, it looks like the green bar on the bottom is incomplete. But how is that possible if it’s 16132/4550 coins? None of the numbers add up here and I’m confused about how much I need for each target.
[App screenshot]

I’m very confused, but I hope my question isn’t confusing also :slight_smile: Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks for reporting this, something seems off. We will need to investigate this further. Is your screenshot from Android app?

Yes, it’s Android.
Could I please get a quick explanation of how many coins are needed in the regular challenges? It’s impossible to track the progress on both desktop and app.

Today, only the coins for Lingqs/Known Words has changed (even though I’ve done a ton of listening and reading since yesterday). So what am I not understanding?