Help Us Choose Our Video

We are going to put a new video up on our Tour page and we have had a couple different versions made. Now we need your help in deciding which video we should use. Please go to and take a look and cast your vote. Enjoy and let us know any thoughts.

Done. Mind you, the audios the same for both, isn’t it?

I like the videos. Would be nice if there are longer versions elaborating the ideas further.


Of course it is a matter of taste, but I like the first one more. :))

At first I liked The Dawn of Language better because it is slicker, but Og and Thag grew on me. Could you offer both?

Very nice! I voted. (Dawn) One question I have about the transcript is the part that goes something like “basically our brains like to listen to a language and imitate it in order to learn it”. Something about the word “imitate” seems to be a little off to me. But it may be the simplest wording possible because I cant really think of a simple way of re-wording it.

It seems to me that the second video is better because the speech is better articulated. A little more mercy towards non-native speakers.

I think dooo has a point in that the word ‘imitate’ stands out in the sentence. It might make people think that the ‘secret’ is imitating native speakers instead of inputting a lot of language into our brains through listening and reading.

I feel like Cakypa, I have a preference for the first one… I think a big one.

It really does come down to imitating, imitating the behaviour patterns of people of another culture. We need to do a lot in order to imitate these behaviour patterns, but we are imitating. I am pretending to be Russian or whatever.

Looks like Dawn is where it’s at, at least so far, though they are both very cute and make the points very well!

I shall run them past my focus group when they get home from school.

I like both but my heart and mind goes to the first one. I also tried to watch the videos as when, more than three years ago, I looked on internet to find a better way to learn English that what I did at that time and eventually found LingQ. I decided to try LingQ over another site that appealed to me. Today, I think over what video would have attracted me : #1 seems to me clearer, more attractive, and serious even though the second is not so bad.
My vote is for the first video!

Both would be effective. I voted for the “Dawn of Languages” but that’s probably 'cause I watched it first. While I agree with John above, that Steve is the most effective mascot, it is true that there needs to be a more general draw and these little ads do the trick in an inexpensive way.

I think most people ‘want’ to learn a language and most people would probably agree with the reasoning on these videos. I was disappointed with the lack nudity though.

The nude version is only available to Premium members, blindside.

I sat my husband down and made him watch both videos. He voted for the second one, but grumbled about the voice-over. I explained that this is what a Canadian sounds like, which surprised and puzzled him. Knowing as he does that LingQ is a Canadian company run by Canadians, he was still unprepared to hear a Canadian accent on the video! He is most used to British English (natch), but is at least used to listening to East-Coast and Mid-West Americans talking about educational subjects.

Is this just another example of our sad British closed-mindedness, or might you want to consider alternate accents for your voice-over?

We would love to have other voice overs, different accents and different languages.

Are you asking for volunteers?

I could get my husband to put his mouth where his mouth is :wink:

That would be great. It would even be interesting to see different scripts to match the video. I have started a Youtube group called LingQ Plaza and want to put my own videos on LingQ there, and have members create their own, on how they use the system.

I would like to work on the “Québecoise’s” version.