Help Translate LingQ

We are looking to make LingQ a better experience for all users. One of the places we’ve realized in need of attention is the translation of the site into different languages.

What we need is ONE translator in each of available interface languages (except French and Portuguese, those are already covered).
Translator we choose will need to be active, to translate the interface completely and to monitor translations site for changes and translate newly added strings in future.
So please do not contact us if you aren’t serious and if we need to chase you each time we need something translated. :slight_smile:

The languages we need help with are:
Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Greek.

Translator in each language will get Complimentary access on the site and once when all translations are done, we will also send you a new LingQ T-Shirt!

If you are interested, please let me know.


Hi zoran!
How much work would that be and how regular would we have to translate text?
I’m interested in doing the German translation.

In German there is 118.000 words left to be translated.

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What exactly does " Complimentary access on the site " mean?

Complimentary = Free Premium access.

Hi Zoran, I sent you an email about translation to Swedish. I’d be happy to help.

Thanks a lot, I’ll reply you with all the details soon.

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Translators positions are still opened in many languages. Anyone interested in FREE Premium let me know!

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FREE Premium access: is it life long?

This seems like a lot of work to ask people to do essentially for free. Lingq must have money. Why not pay translators?

Free Premium for as long as interested in helping us with the translations. However there will be of course significantly less work when the complete interface is translated. Simple monitoring for any changes/updates after that.

What’s wrong in giving users a chance to get Premium this way? It’s not asking anyone do to it for free, user can stay on Premium for years if he join this project, and Premium does have it’s price.
We do have paid translators too.


that is absolutely a reasonable offer. I hope Turkish and Arabic interface released soon, then I would like to help with Turkish interface. I have some Arab friends who doesn’t know English and would like to learn Turkish : but they cannot use lingq because there is no Arabic interface.

Translating 118000 words of German is at the very least the monetarily equivalent to 80 years of Premium access, even without having to be available indefinitely at short notice . Poor professional translators, that’s all I’m thinking. And poor people who sign up thinking that this is a good deal. 118000 words is about 300 sides of A4


Branners, out of my point of view, that would depend on serveral apsects:

  1. how much of the translation can be done (as a first step) automatical (e.g. Google Translate or other)
  2. how much work to add after that
  3. what to do with your free time, just imagine you might have a lot of fun
  4. you might join an interesting community
  5. you might do something good and who knows, from which side you will get a kind of repaying :wink:
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Hey zoran, I can help with Spanish

I’m a statistician and sometimes do data analysis for doctors without borders for free, so I’m familiar with the benefits of sitting at home in front of the computer working for free. It would just never occur to me to do that for a for-profit company.

But then I refuse to give blood in the country that I live in because they pay you and I really don’t like that. I donate when I*m in the UK where they don’t pay you. I suppose I just have more strict principles on what should and shouldn’t be paid for.


i was approaching it as a transaction, but if others are approaching it as a favour or a pasttime, then more power to their elbows i suppose

still need dutch?

Sure thing. If you are interested please shoot me an email to zoran(at) Thanks!