Help on Saving a Phrase

Hi, I have difficulty saving words and phrases. When I drag the mouse to the whole sentence , not all words are highlighted. Why is this so? And when I do review of my vocabulary, not all the words that I saved , will come out in the quiz? Is there some setting that I need to do?
Also, when I do review of the new words and phrases, is it possible to do all review of the courses at once? Currently, I need to go into each and individual lessons to do a review of the words.
I also found that when I do review of the words, some words which I did not clicked, appeared in the quiz and questionnaire. Why is this so?

Please note that you can highlight and save maximum 9 words at once. If sentence is longer than that, you can’t save the entire sentence.
You can change the sort by, under the filters, on the Vocabulary tab, select LingQs you want to review and go through them. Under the filters you will also find an option to list only LingQs from specific lessons.