HELP needed: How do I delete a course or lesson?

How do I delete a course or lesson? I can’t find a button or a dropdown menu for this. Nor can I find a FAQ about it. Deleting a course or lesson is only mentioned in passing in the videos and introductory materials. The dropdown menu labelled “open” seems to have had a “delete” option at one time – I see it in the screenshot about retrieving things from the Archives. It is no longer there, at least on my computer.

If I open a course and look at a lesson in the Library, it automatically seems to move this into the My Lessons box. Is there any way to prevent this? The section My Lessons is utterly cluttered with things I want to delete. Some I will never look at again and others I need to postpone for some time.

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When you click on Learn, all your lessons come up in a list. There is an “x” in the top right corner of each lesson. Click on that to delete the lesson in question.

V75-- That would be easy, but no, I don’t see an X in either the corner of the course or, when I open the course itself, at the top of any lesson. If I then open that lesson, there is still no X. I have tried this in Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium. The “open” dropdown menu on the courses is all about sharing and RSS. Still searching! There must be some way to delete courses. I have tried a “right click” on the course but this does not offer a delete option.

No, no, don’t open anything.

Go to the three tabs on the RH side of the top bar (Exchange and Tasks are the other two tabs)

Don’t go to the pull down menu of Learn, just click the MAIN tab. It will open a list of lessons. These lessons have an x in the top right hand corner.

The temptation is to go to the pull down menu. Resist it!

I have other problem may be you know something about it.

When I click x and delete the course from my lessons page, i cannot find the course again, When i click on new courses it is not there, and it is not in my lessons page either. And courses my archives page is empty as well.

Can you help me locate where the deleted courses are?

Thank you for persisting. I didn’t realize this blue Learn button was completely separate from the pulldown menu. I saw this page once before, but I leave myself logged in all the time, and it doesn’t seem to come up spontaneously unless you have just logged in. I see it’s called the “Welcome” page.

However, now I have an even more difficult question. The course I want to delete in My Lessons does NOT appear in the list on the “Welcome” page, the one I get to when I just click on “Learn.” It’s not there at all. So I am still stuck with it in My Lessons. I have tried refreshing the page AND logging out of and back in again. NOW WHAT?? Are the two pages not “connected” to each other? I don’t get it.

Also, do you know about my second original question? When I am browsing in the Library, how do I prevent anything I look at from being sent to the My Lessons section? I want to CHOOSE the courses I like and then send them to My Lessons. Is that possible?

Thanks for indirectly replying my question, so deleted courses can still be found in the library, my lessons page. good to know, some courses were lost to me.

may be archiving it might help

If you want to save it, sounds like archiving is the way to go. If you accidentally delete it, see whether you see it in the library. Deleting it should not prevent you from getting a new copy, I hope!!

Hi KittyVPraze

When you open a lesson it is automatically added to your account and will appear in the My Lessons page. To remove the course, you will need to remove the lessons from that course. You can do this from the My Lessons page by clicking on the arrow next to “Open” then selecting “Delete Lesson”. In cases where you’ve only opened one lesson from the course, after deleting that one lesson the course will disappear from your My Lessons page when the Courses option is selected.

Hope that works :slight_smile:


I am sorry but this is not working, at least as I understand it. As I explained in my original post, when I click on that arrow next to the word “open” the dropdown menu does NOT contain the word delete, either in the “Course” mode or the “Lesson” mode. I tried again this morning and ONE lesson had a drop down menu with this option. I clicked “delete.” The course is still in My Lessons. I tried opening each lesson, thinking that is necessary to generate the delete option. Doesn’t seem to work that way.

I am afraid to explore any more in the library until we get this problem solved. My Lessons is utterly overwhelmed by courses I just peeked at.

Hopefully this screencast helps!

Jan 24
11:30am CET
Thank you taking all the time and trouble to make me a video!

Yes, that procedure does delete a LESSON. When I refresh/reload the page, the lesson is gone. HOWEVER, when I return to “Courses” in My Lesson, THE COURSE is still there, and ALL the lessons in it are still there.

Trying to delete the COURSE is not an option on the dropdown menu.

So, now I open the course, with all the lessons still there, I follow the deletion procedure for each lesson in the course before reloading. Then I reload. I am somehow shifted into Library, as shown by the button on the left. I do not click on anything except to return to My Lessons/Courses. The course is still there. It is NOT shown on the Welcome page, but it (and other COURSES I want to delete) are still in the My Lessons section.

This morning my tech helper had a look at this and said, yes, there is a problem.

So the question is: “How do I delete a COURSE from My Lessons?”

You can delete lessons but you can’t delete courses from My Lessons. We will add this to our list of things to improve on that page. In the meantime, I suggest you use the Sort “Recently Opened” on that page so that the courses you are working on will appear at the top of the page and those you are not interested in will gradually disappear.

Hmmm. That means that everything I explore in the library will be put in My Lessons, right? Sorting by “Recently Opened” will mean that all those, wanted and unwanted, will be at the top. Things I like and continue to work on will be somewhere in the middle. How exactly will the ones I don’t want “gradually disappear”?

Not being able to select what to take from the Library and what to “leave” as well as not being able to delete courses from My Lessons seems like an important thing to improve. I hope it is at the TOP of some list.

Am I the only one to have discovered this?

No, I have pondered this quite recently, too, because I had an attack of tidying up and starting afresh and so I wanted to get rid of a course with 400+ lessons.

Once I am on the “Welcome Page” after signing in, I simply click the X on the top right of each course ‘label’ on the list to make the course in question disappear from sight.

(For all I know the courses are still there in my archive, but what I don’t see doesn’t bother me.)

Look under My Lessons and click to view “Courses” NOT “Lessons.” Are they still there? Mine disappear from the Welcome Page but not from My Lessons. If your experience is different, tell me what operating system you are using on your computer. I have Ubuntu Linux 12.04. I am curious to see whether it is Linux-specific, though that is hard to imagine.

I think that Mark [answer above] is the first to see what I am talking about other than my tech helper here in Prague who can actually work on my computer. And Mark admits the problem exists. It’s pretty crazy. Hard to believe, actually.

No, it isn’t Linux-specific. The long, long course is still there, but somewhere near the bottom of the page - it seems that the less we use it the lower it falls.

As I said, for the moment I can live with this, as long as it’s not right in my face all the time.

Ah, like sediment, they will drift to the bottom of the screen, and if you don’t scroll down, in several months you won’t see them down there. Two I have been trying to delete have ghastly icons as identifiers. I will think of them as ugly fish lurking in the muddy bottom until some day I may be able to archive ( or even delete!) them. Gone, gone, at last.

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Thank you, everyone, for your input and efforts on this!