Help needed for the meaning of some words

Can somebody translate into English the words “Susurköy”, “Urgancilar”, “Eretli”? They are ottoman toponyms. I can’t find them in dictionaries. Thanks in advance.

You can find the first one by doing a Google search: Sostis (Greek: Σώστης; Turkish: Susurköy) . The other two didn’t seem to resolve to anything there, nor on the Turkish Wikipeda. One way to resolve some things like this is to look them up in the native language Wikipedia and then look at the English (or Greek) link for other languages. There is no English link for the Susurköy article, but Google gives you the English name of the Greek village this seems to refer to, including a brief English Wikipedia article.

It’s up to you, of course, but I don’t usually bother with looking up and saving the English names for toponyms unless they notable places that are not immediately recognizable by their target-language names. I did, however, try to find a number minor places in order to follow the travels of the main character of one novel that I read. Of course, it also makes perfect sense if you’re in or from Greece and want to know which locations in or near Greece these names might refer to.

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