Help needed: Back to school discount

Hi, is the back to school discount available for non-premium members only? I currently have a premium account, tried to top up using the back to school link, but payment was refused whatever I tried (pp plus 2 credit cards).

The discount is available to Premium users too. Strange I checked your account and can’t see any payment attempt on it.
Do you want me to apply the offer on your account manually?

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Hey Zoran, I was trying to do the same things just now. I want to switch to 12-month premium billing from my current 1 month subscription while also getting the back to school discount. Also, when I tried to change it, it said that the next billing date would be July 17, 2019 while the previous billing date was August 17, 2019. Can you help me too with my account?

@Joshua9274 Sure thing, done! I moved you from monthly to annual subscription. The annual one will start on September 18th, and the discount code will be applied.