Help-mYou tube not importing for me

I am trying to import some you tube podcasts. I was hoping to do a some and use the autogenerate transpript, but for some reason I can’t get it to import with either the extension or trying it directly from the import button.

They are all an hour or so in length could it be they are too long? Is there a way to know how long something should be to import? Can I divide up the videos so they are in parts (similar to how it works with netflix)? Some of them have transcripts already, and they still won’t import. What am I doing wrong?

The length limit for YT videos is 90 mins. Are those videos you are trying to import longer than that?

No, they were 60 min.

What I ended up doing was I converted them to mp3, moved them to garage band and split them into 2 30 min parts and was able to add them that way.

Not sure that was the easiest way to do it, but it worked in the end.

Thank you for the reply though :slight_smile:

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