Help - my progress snapshot isn't showing any details

My progress snapshot no longer shows any progress statistics - including the number of hours I spend weekly/daily/etc.

I´ve got the same problem with Russian and Japanese, but this might be because they´ve been added a few days ago.

It seems like you can´t see your progress snapshot on any of your languages…weird.

it’s on any computer I use to log into lingq too

I can see it for German and French, but not for the others. Strangely enough, I have an activity score of 20 for English. I have no idea where that came from since I have never produced and LingQs for English.

This is a week old bug of some sort.

is anyone from lingq working on the bug or even aware of it?

@all - Sorry for the trouble here! We are aware of this issue and hope to have a fix released soon.

@kimojima - Thanks, we’ll look into this as well.

@all - By the way, the progress snapshot should now be working properly. Thanks for your patience as we resolved this issue.

Whoo hoo! It’s working now!
(Some of us were affected more than a fortnight, and others just in the last couple of days).
It must have been a real headache to fix. Thanks guys!

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@Iri - Being American, did you have to look up the word first? Haha!

Thanks for your rose…you’ve sent a lot, including that first ever rose to welcome me. In return, which colour rose shall I send… white? yellow? pink? black? burgundy? lavender? peach? orange?..grinning here.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could change the rose colour, like our avatar colour - but it will understandably get relegated to the trivial list:)