Help me

I wanted to know are there any sites that we can have audio and text to import into lingq

Hi. You don’t mention what language you are looking for. I’ll assume English because that is the only one I see you studying.

There is a post “pinned” to the top of the message boards that has a list of resources potentially, but also it references this spreadsheet:

LingQ Language Resources - Google Sheets

There is an English tab that has some resouces listed. Maybe you can check those out.

oh dessolé je parle français et je voulais savoir quelle sont les sites ou je peux avoir le texte et l’audio en anglais.

No problem! Try the link in my previous post and go to the english tab. Hopefully other people have some good suggestions. You can import from youtube. You’ll want to find some programs that have subtitles created by the content provider. The auto generated ones aren’t that great, but they can be ok. If I come across some other sites with both transcript and audio I’ll report back here.

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