Help me?

Hello! I am Brazilian and English study recently, I need help.
can someone show an example with the word (myself)?



thank you

Do you want a sentence with the word ‘myself’ in it? This is a reflexive pronoun, as jolanda’s link has shown. Here are a few example.

  • I see myself in the mirror.
  • I give myself a new computer.
  • I love myself.

Here are a few other sentences with reflexive pronouns

  • He sees himself in the mirror.
  • John and Jack look at themselves in a mirror. (John and Jack are people’s names here)
  • You see yourself in a mirror.

In these simple examples, you see that the pronouns (myself, yourself, themselves, himself) all refer to the subject of the sentence. Therefore, you would not say

  • He sees myself in the mirror.
  • I see himself in the mirror.

Instead, you would say

  • He sees me in the mirror.
  • I see him in the mirror.

Now I know how to use the word. thank you very much