Help me with German or Russian?

Hi everyone!!:slight_smile:

My name is Greta, I really enjoy learning new languages and communicating with foreign people.
I am a fluent English speaker.
I am quite an improved beginner in German language but unfortunately I have no one to talk to and improve it. So sometimes I keep forgetting it… If any one could help me and talk to me I’d be so so grateful!!!
As for Russian language, I might be close to being fluent so I’d like to practice and see how good I am.

I’d be very happy to talk to either German or Russian person and improve!!

My skype username is: gretundra

Thanks to any one in advance.

Hi, gretundra!
I’m native Russian speaker and I need someone to help me improve my written English. Can you help me with it? Sorry, I don’t use Skype, instead, I would rather chat in ICQ. Thanx.

Hallo Greta,
ich würde mit dir auf diesen drei Sprachen sehr gerne kommunizieren!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

p.s. kannst du auch Gaeilge?