Help me to find lessons to train understanding letters wich are spelled to me

Hello.I have trouble when any English word is spelled to me and I have to write it down. Especially in British accent. In order to get high score in IELTS I must to be able to easily write words wich are being spelled to me.
I tried to find some lessons wich spell words to me and I have to write them down and check spelling my soelling with transcript.

I found similar lessons for understanding numbers, unfortunately I haven’t found such kind of lessons for letters.
I would appreciate if someone could guide me.

I don’t really understand - are you saying that you don’t know the names of letters? As if somebody spells out a word for you(e.g. [bi:], [yu:], [waɪ]) and you are asked to write what you hear? (‘buy’)

It sure must be more difficult the other way around (to give the spelling for a word somebody says to you).

Yes. Bu I need some lessons to develop the ability to write down words as they are spelled quickly in real casual conversation

I suggest you listen to some of our content without looking at the text and try to write it as you hear it. Then compare what you have written with the text.

Yea. that’s very good way for practicing general spelling. And I use to do this sometimes.
But it’s not exectlly what I need.
In listening part of IELTS you have one chance to hear a speech, then you have to write down answers which could be names of people, places quickly spelled out in the speech. Therefore, you have to clearly hear differences between letters like [bi:], [yu:], [waɪ], [i], [ai].
I found tough to do it with British or Australian accents.
I have been trying to find something similar to this “EnglishLingQ, #40 Understanding Numbers in English” lesson, but this kesson is for numbers.

Maybe this is helpful:

(Copy the complete link and delete a space).

Unfortunately they say the word before they spell it but I think this could help you. Check this website. There are more listening spelling quizzes.

Thanks. That’s something I’m looking for.