Help me to choose

I currently know 4 languages (Hindi, English, Malayalam, Marathi) and I am learning my fifth language - Russian. Recently I started learning the Finnish language because it sounds fascinating! I have set up a goal to learn 6 more languages. I want your suggestions on which one to learn first and which ones can be dropped or can be added. Following are the languages I am interested in:
5)Hebrew or Arabic
8) Sanskrit

Well, I don’t think other people can really give you good advice on that because it really comes down to which languages you’re most passionate about. You know, learn the languages YOU want to learn, not the languages I want to learn.^^

I’d hold out on learning overly similar languages simultaneously though, just so you don’t mix them up as much… like, learn Italian to a decent level and THEN start on Spanish – then you’ve got a good base and you’re not constantly mixing things from the two languages up.

Pick which ever you want to learn. That’s my opinion I also have a list of languages too. There’s icelandic, italian, irish gaelic, swedish, norwegian, finnish, russian, japanese, mandarin, cantonese, tamil, spanish, welsh, breton, tamil, hindi and/or urdu, dutch, german, vietnamese, basque, and alsatian. Yeahhh… a very long list indeed. But if moses can learn many languages why can’t I?

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Ozzy, if you ever want to learn Hindi or spoken Urdu (as I don’t know the Urdu script), I can help you. I would be more than happy to do so!

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Thank you very much Rajdeep. I hope I can help you out too in someway in the near or far future