Help me find French content please!

I am looking to gather a number of resources be it, magazines or articles as well as youtube creators that post content on topics such as History, Space, Science and technology. Do you know any good resources for this?

Many Thanks

I have been using News in Slow French for a while it’s really good, It’s all in French no English, and they provide transcripts. However you do have to pay for a membership.

Here are some youtube channels you might like.

DENYZEE - YouTube - Denyzee
Natoo - YouTube - Natoo
Cath&Jay - YouTube - Cath&Jay
Caroline Vlog - YouTube (Vlogs) -Caroline Vlog
Cynthia Dulude VLOGS - YouTube (Vlogs) - Cynthia Dulude
Hello Panducci - YouTube - Hello Panducci

Also this is a great website with quite a few shows with subtitles as well, you can import into LingQ

Check out for a list of available resources. Hope that helps!