Help me evangelize a friend to the Lingq way! Chinese Content Question

Chinese Learners/Tutors:

I have a friend who has a degree in linguistics and who passed HSK 5 a couple years ago. She is frustrated about finding interesting study material in order to improve her Chinese level. I want to recommend Lingq to her. Can anyone recommend some good content in the Chinese library, at her level, that I could show her to demonstrate the value of Lingq?

This is kind of a problem with learning Mandarin everywhere. Advanced material is hard to come by. What I do is import articles from news stations and watch the videos. The TV Anchors basically just read the articles. Because I am in Taiwan, there may be some Taiwanese mixed in as well.

Also there is a TV show called “Talk to Taiwan” (政問) which talks about issues in the country. You can download the transcripts from the YouTube channel.

There are issues with character segmentation on Lingq, but if she passed HSK5 she would probably know what is right and wrong at this point. However, this is still be best system because of the way you can look up words in dictionaries quickly.

Someone at that level should already be reading novels and other native material to continue improving, not looking for “advanced study material”.

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At any level lingq can be useful, I think, and I was simply asking about courses that might help her see the value of the lingq platform.

Thank you Stephen, I’ll direct her to the “Talk to Taiwan” channel. I was hoping that maybe the Lingq library had something fun; comparable to courses I’ve found in the French, Russian, and Spanish libraries. In my languages I like to use the news as sort of “background noise” when I’m doing other things than studying, then I like to look for things here or in books for more serious study. Obviously, I started this thread because the Chinese library is all greek to me :slight_smile:

Once past the beginner level, usually 3-6 months, I only learn from authentic material. Use google to find audio and transcript content of interest to her. I found 相声recordings (if you can get the transcripts) really good for pronunciation. I have lots of CDs I bought in Beijing but have not searched for such material online, nor for the transcripts.

What things does she like to listen to / watch in her native language?

Below are links to shows that my better half can’t get enough of. She’s addicted to them, and I have text and audio for these, that I can share privately:

The Jinxing Show: null - YouTube


Also try here:

hi,I’m from china.If she wants to improve her listening,I think CCTV(China Central Television) news is a good choice.Steve said 相声 is good for pronunciation,I agree with that.But I think CCTV news is better because it is the standard accent of Mandarin.If she wants to read something,article is a choice,I recommend you a website often visit it to discuss some problems about China, it is also a good way to know more about China.

Thanks Iaing, I have shared these links with my girlfriend and they have been very helpful. If she wants that content you referred to she’ll reply here. Much appreciated.