Help me become a tutor! :D?

Hello all,

 I have recently entered university and have been inspired to begin improving my skills in french, but even more importantly in teaching english. I haven't fully decided if I will pursue either as my career at this point, but I am thinking about it rather seriously.

 The reason this is relevant is because I believe assisting the community here on LingQ would be an excellent way for me to improve my own skills while at the same time helping others. Being a tutor here on LingQ is something I would like to do, because I find that the medium found here is by far the most beneficial in learning a language, and having experience in teaching is just as beneficial (if not more so) than being taught.

 The reason I have titled the post "Help me become a tutor!" - which implores you to assist me, is that I believe it is appropriate to begin by correcting writing. I would like eventually to use LingQ's system of point-trade, but I understand that I must increase my activity and reliability first. In order to achieve this, I ask that anybody interested in having some writing corrected send me a message on my LingQ page. You can alternatively just post as a response to this post, which would also allow others to see what style I will use when correcting your works. This is, of course, a point-free method that allows you to see if you like the way I correct and if it's something you might be interested in.

 I hope you will try me out, and I hope even more that I may be able to join the troupe of english tutors here. I have some interesting ideas I would like to put forward, but I need to start somewhere!

Thank you, and I apologize for the long post!