Help make friends!

500 Server Error on attempt to add a person to Friends from the person’s profile.

I also got the 500-error. I received a notification that someone has added me as a friend at LingQ. A went by a link, read a profile and decided to add back. But 500-errror occured. After that I decided at least write comething on his wall, submitted the welcome message, and after that I tried to add him as a friend again, and it worked fine. Quite strange…

getting new friends isn’t as easy these days :slight_smile:

Ask Steve thread: Starting from what age would you recommend making friends on LingQ?

As to the Russian jokes, I always liked the answers of the “Armenian Radio” :wink:

That’s a strange one. We are looking into it.

Shall we tell Mark a joke about the Armenian Radio question and answer? I am afraid I’ll fail to translate it properly.

God, how bad I am myself at understanding their jokes… But the worst of all is hearing about their famous actors and shows, of whom and which I have no idea -:).