'help' link on the left

Hi, I’ve noticed : I’ve got some ‘help’ text on the left. One is corresponding to the ‘?’ of Top 25, the other to the ‘?’ of Tutor report.
I’ve got a Full HD screen (1920 wide).
But, if I reduce the width of window, the help text is scrolling on the left until it disappear.
It’s not really a problem, but on my lessons list, it appears on the title of a lesson.
I experiment this thing, too : a wider window (IE : 2000+ pixels) and the ‘help’ is moving to the right, in the middle of the page. (I suppose that on a 30" display, it would be on the middle of the page.

Can you try refreshing your page a few times just to make sure that this isn’t in your cache somehow. Then, if it’s still there can you send me screenshots to support@lingq.com?

It seems that this bug is no more, so thanks!