Help in translating a short introduction to LingQ

The following short intro and first lesson need to be translated. A few people do a lot of this work, and I am looking for more volunteers. We need translation for
Korean, Swedish, Portuguese, German and Chinese. We have the others.

We want to have a short intro to LingQ for all new members. I will read this in the learner’s language. I need a translation and if possible a recording to help me get the right intonation. The translation can be a little free since it must be natural for the learner in his or her language. Here is the text. If you are prepared to help out please send me an email or message on my wall or say so here.

Hi there. You may think that language learning involves studying grammar rules, declensions tables, word lists and then doing exercizes and tests to make sure you got these things right. And you may think that if you get them right then you can build on that to become fluent in the whole language, and that if you get these things wrong you just keep studying until you get them right.

You may think that, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Language learning is more like stumbling around in the fog. The fog will slowly lift as you wander around, but you don’t control when and where it’ll lift. You can’t really control what you’ll learn and what you’ll forget. You just keep walking, and listening and reading and speaking, making mistakes and forgetting as you go, and enjoying yourself. Most of the kids who passed all their French and Spanish tests in high school, can’t speak French or Spanish. You just need to spend time with the language, doing things that are easy and fun. The words and phrases will start to accumulate, gradually and unpredictably.

Here at LingQ you just need to start by finding something interesting to listen to and read in our library. Take something at your level so it’ll be just enough of a challenge for you. If you’re a beginner, you need to listen many times to the same content. Don’t worry if you do not understand at first. Just wait for the fog to lift, and it will, gradually. Don’t be impatient. Don’t get upset if you forget, or can’t pronounce, or don’t understand. You aren’t expected to get things right. You’re learning the language. You just need to get used to it. Don’t worry about how you speak until you’ve done a lot of listening and learned a lot of words.

Listening is key. Listen everywhere on your iPod or MP3 player. Take your language immersion with you. As you become more familiar with the language, you won’t have to listen quite as often to the same content. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do. Just make sure you spend the time with the language, mostly listening.

All recordings in our vast library come with a transcript. Read the transcript on the screen. Look up words you don’t know and save them to your own personal database. Do the same with phrases. We call this “LingQing” or creating LingQs. Get in the habit of LingQing a lot. LingQ different forms of the same word. LingQ words that you think you know but aren’t sure about. LingQ phrases that you want to use. LingQing is your key to creating a large vocabulary. It’s a little bit of work, but it’ll soon become a habit. It’ll make your listening much more effective.

When you create LingQs, you’re creating flash cards that will be emailed to you regularly. If you fall behind in reviewing your new words and phrases, don’t worry. You should be saving so many LingQs, that you can’t possibly review them all, let alone remember them all. But, you’ll meet them again and again,in your listening and reading, and you’ll find that these “old friends” will be highlighted in yellow on your screen. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your vocabulary will grow, almost without you realizing it.

Take the time to make friends on our Community. Write on your friends’ walls. Follow their activities. Find friends who are native speakers of the language you’re learning. Submit writing to them for correction, if you want. Sign up for online discussions with them. You’ll receive detailed reports back, that’ll really help you.

You can even tutor in your own language at LingQ, and create or contribute content to our library. You’ll earn points that way to use to pay your tutors for the language that you’re learning.

Just decide that you’re going to enjoy yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

Note that the text begins at “Hi there…”

We will also have a short lesson for all newcomers, regardless of level. This will be in the language that the member is learning. We will need this translated as well. Many thanks for your cooperation. This is part of an effort to get the newcomers started.

I will learn a new language.

I will learn to understand a new language.

I want to learn many new words and phrases.

I need to listen a lot, read a lot, and create many LingQs.

Come to think of it a few more helping hands in Japanese would also help.

I am also thinking that the reference to Spanish and French in the English version should be changed to English in the other versions.

Hi Steve, I’ve started with the translation and hope to finish it today. Also I asked Reinhard to proofread it. I do a translation into a natural German. It shouldn’t sound like a translation. I hope this is what you like to have.

I wonder why Mark sent me an pdf-document that differs from your text. Which version is correct? Also he sent me a link to a google document. This seems to be the same text as yours.

Nobody else should do a translation into German that the same work isn’t done twice.

There was some confusion with the original google document which contained both the original version and the final version. This was my fault since I forgot they were both there. It is the version that you see here that is the final version. Yes, natural by all means. Thank you.

Yes, to avoid any duplication of efforts I have raised that subject here. Similarly anyone undertaking to do work on the google document should communicate with others who were shared on the document.

It would be great if I could get a recording of this little text, just to help me get the rhythm and intonation as good as possible. Thanks to all.

Thanks to all who have responded so far

Sorry for sending the wrong document originally. Because everyone shares the same Google Document there will be no duplicated efforts.

Mark, I did the translation in word and import it back because it is easier for me and I have spelling and grammar checking in word :slight_smile: I’ll change the text when I’ve finished it. At the moment I’m waiting for Reinhards proofreading.

Thanks Vera.

We have the Chinese now and the German is just about there. I am recruiting more help for the Japanese.

Now, we need a few volunteers to step forward for

Portuguese, come one now you Brazilians or Portuguese or Cape Verdians or Angolans!

Swedish Jeff??

Korean anyone

It’s indeed my ambition to translate (and record?) the document.

This weekend, it’s the yearly gathering in Duisburg (Germany) with our head instructor (in wing chun). It’s always great fun, with lots of opportunities to practice languages. However, I haven’t been feeling very well for quite some time now, and yesterday a terrible cold broke out. I mustn’t put too much strain on myself, so I had to cancel the planned trip and focus on getting well… I probably won’t do any translating during the following days.

Great. We now have Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish covered.

Korean anyone?

Steve, are you going to read it in Dutch too? That’d be cool. :slight_smile:

I did in Japanese a little. If I have more time and energy, I continue to do it.

Hi Steve.

I can work on the Korean translation. I think I would like to have someone else to proofread it though.

Am I the only Korean member on LingQ?

Anyone want to collaborate?

Translating isn’t the easiest thing in the world haha :smiley:

That would be great Ian. It gets us started. I will give you access to the google documents file. I hope we get some more help on this. It is best if it is a joint effort. Thanks a lot.


I have been in touch with 선현우 Hyunwoo Sun who says he will translate it all and record it for me. Thanks a lot.