Help I'm need your help

Hi everyone,
I just started lingq three days ago or so but I just finish my first lesson in spanish and I still don’t understand what is on the page. My question to all of you is do I still stay on the lesson until I understand what is on page or do I move on to a new lesson?
Any answer will be a great help.

Hi, Roz. Welcome to LingQ!
In the beginning, using lessons a minute or less in length, I listened to the same lesson over and over again. Maybe 10, 15, even 20 times. I would read the lesson, too, many times.
But you don’t have to understand EVERY word in a lesson. Plus, the mind has a limit. If you find yourself ready to scream out loud, go on to the next lesson. In a short period of time, you will find your own rhythm, you will find what works for you.

@Roz - You certainly don’t need to understand everything before moving on. Keep in mind that you will encounter many of the same words in future lessons and seeing a word in multiple contexts helps you remember/learn it much better. As donhamiltion says, if you are bored with a lesson, move on to something new. Your brain needs new material to stay fresh! You will find that in moving on to new material and then returning to previous material, your comprehension of the previous material will have significantly improved.

well besides listening I’m going to write sentences on the lines I don’t know so when I do look at the lesson I have some idea what it says. Steve says to write words 100 times but what I was thinking is that I could do each line I don’t know 25 times for starter and work my way up to 100 so when I’m listening to the audio I know what it says without being confuse. That’s a plan right?

When Steve began studying Czech, he used Google Translate as an aid to writing.

You can plug in something very simple into Google Translate, get the translation, and write it down.

Say anything you like. Start off very simple. For example, “I have to eat breakfast.” Google Translate will tell you: Tengo que comer el desayuno.

Please note: this is merely one suggestion. There are many ways to practice. If this appeals to you, try it. If it does not appeal to you, try something else.

If you don’t know about Google Translate, its address is

Hi Roz, I do not write things out 100 times, although some people may find that useful. I prefer to continue with my reading and listening, even though I do not understand all of what I am reading and listening to. I would not worry about what you cannot understand and what you cannot remember. Just keep exposing yourself to the language, saving LingQs and listening. Things will get clearer in a while.