[HELP] I can't find 'workdesk' ,'store' on my screen

I know it is a silly question. But I just can’t find it.

I’m new here. I know this site from a magazine.
After 2 hours’ trying I found this site is compeletly what I want.
And I was amazed by the learning method Steve mentioned.

One suggestion,
if there is an example lesson on welcome page ( and make the link BIG) ,
the new(like me) will get help a lot

Hi ZeroJoke,
the site has got a new design.
Now Workdesk is named Lessons and the “Store” you will find in the library ( a submenu of Lessons). In the library you can select new lessons. Try it out! Hope it helps.

Thank you very much

One more question:
If I want the language on the link to be the one I 'm learning
Must I change my native language to that one?

Is the question above clear enough to understand?

Native language is the language in which the help of LingQ is and all the text and comments on the sites are shown.

To get your translations in the same language as the one you are learning you should change your Dictionary Language to that language on the Settings page. Native Language controls the language of the interface including the Help pages.

By the way, where did you see the reference to the WorkDesk and Store? That has to be changed.

I saw the workdesk and store from the video in the getting started window